Sexual Positions for Conceiving a Girl or a Boy

In this post I would like to share with you on the matter of specific sexual positions that can actually increase the possibility conceiving either baby boy or baby girl. This method in gender selection is based on the fact that the 2 type of sperms that carry the appropriate marker which determine the baby gender either a boy or a girl have several distinct differences.

The X sperm which contains the chromosomes responsible for conceiving a girl is large, and due to this fact, it move a lot slower. On the bright side, the X sperm have more endurance and live much longer than the Y sperm.

As for the Y sperm, the one carrying the chromosomes that make conceiving a boy possible is the opposite of the X sperm. It moves fast and smaller in size, but unfortunately has a shorter life. They might not make it to the egg if the journey is too far.

Keeping that in mind we will see at the ideal sexual positions which will greatly increase the chance to conceive the baby gender of your choice.

Ideal sexual positions for conceiving a girl

The positions you should choose are the positions that allow shallow penetration. This will allow the sperms to be deposited as far away from the cervix’s neck as possible. The more durable X sperm the will have more time to reach the egg while the shorter live Y sperm die off.

‘Spooning’, ‘the lotus’ and the traditional ‘missionary’ positions are recommended for you couples who wanted to conceive a baby girl.

Ideal sexual positions for conceiving a boy

Choose positions that allow for deep penetration such as ‘woman on top’ or ‘woman dominant’, also other variation of the position known as ‘reversed cowgirl’. This is important because deeper penetration will help to shorten the journey Y sperm have to make toward the egg.

The Y sperm chance of reaching the egg first will increase if the man orgasm as near as possible to the neck of the cervix and as a result, a baby boy will be conceived.

I hope this short post will help you realizing your wish of having your selected baby gender. Bear in mind that as of now there are no methods that guarantee 100% to work in determining baby gender, but it do work nonetheless for most couples who follow the right guide and techniques.

I wish you Good Luck determining your baby gender!

p.s: If you want a more detailed guide on how to try conceiving a specific baby gender before conception maybe you can try looking at this "Plan My Baby Guide"

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